App reviews for the WebOS


Hello readers,

This blog site is designed to help owners with the WebOS handhelds, get the information they need before downloading an application to their handsets. These applications don’t allow any refunds; therefore it’s a final sale, no returns. Of course there’s quite a bit of homebrew applications with free catalog app’s too, but some app’s cost about .99cents to $20 dollars. I want to help encourage owners to make worthy purchases of the application they want, and also encourage developers to positively feed off of my reviews as well as the viewers opinions and comments.

The name PreApproved was brought up as Pre App-roved and can also be viewed as Approved for the Pre, and I’m working to get as many quality reviews for the WebOS. I believe this platform has what it takes to deliver strong competition, and it’s potential grows with every update dropped to all WebOS owners. I currently own the Palm Pre, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the handset.

You can make a request to have a review done for an application, so please feel free to contact me and I’ll look into it.

Thank you very much for visiting. Your questions and comments are very valuable and will help with the growth of this site.

-Anthony H.

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